Webseries 01: The Art of Seduction

These 3 videos on seduction will capture the importance of body language to increases your flirting potential. They will establish the differences between affectionate and sexual seduction, which is important to distinguish depending on the need you want to be fulfilled. Furthermore, reflections on masculinity & femininity will help you understand the essence of flirting.

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7) Seduction & body language

Learn how to flirt with your body language and the importance of keeping seduction in your couple

How do you use your body to seduce a partner?
Are you afraid of being rejected?
Do you still flirt and seduce your partner?
What type of flirting turns you on?

 3 videos on seduction

There are different ways of flirting and you might be doing the wrong one depending on what you want to get out of it

What are your needs when you seduce your partner?
Do you feel comfortable with both types of seductions?
Where are your strong points and where do you need to get better?
How creative are you when flirting?

  3 videos on seduction

The way you feel about being a man and a woman influences your capacity to flirt

What makes you feel manly?
What does it take to be a woman, not a girl?
What are your feminine and masculine traits?
Who gets to decide those criteria's anyways?

 3 videos on seduction

Francois Renaud M.A.